Brass Sun issue 1 US format available May 28th!  As you can see, this has been US standard size formatted which is a bit longer from top to bottom than 2000AD. Had quite a few people ask, scratching their heads ‘how’s that gonna work?!?’ I think there was some concern the art would be cropped. Well, it WASN’T! YAY! And it looks like this! Great job, all at Tharg’s HQ! Really interesting to read this all in one go. Issue 1 contains the first half of book 1, issue 2 contains the second half of that arc, and then issue 3 contains the first arc of book 2 and so on, so yes, this mini-series will feature in it’s conclusion the Floating Worlds arc Edginton and I are currently working on.

Toronto TCAF adventure day 3 - Celeste launch.

Launch went exceptionally well. Signed a LOT of copies of Celeste!! A LOT!

Later in the afternoon I spoke on a horror comics panel moderated by Evan Munday. Other panelists included Hannah Blumenrich, Benjamin Rivers, Cameron Stewart, and Ed Brubaker.

Then it was back to signing books and more folk picking up copies of Celeste and then a charming early evening chat with Nick Abadzis in the Marriott bar where we played barflies. Later joined by Reinhard Kleist, Joe Decie and Dan Berry.

Then onward to dinner with my SelfMadeFamily and bringing the day to a close in a bar. All in all an excellent day!